KeyCreator \ Compare \ Display \ Capture


Location: Compare>Display>Capture

After a compare session is performed the display results can be recorded in a capture file using Capture. The Capture is saved within the directory that you choose in the Open Capture file.


Using this Function:

  1. Configure the compare session using the options in Tools Options>Analyze Options/Secondary Options.

  2. Run a compare session on the 'Is'/'Was' pair.

  3. Open a capture session using Compare>Display>Open Capture.

  4. Choose>Display>Capture as needed in the compare session.

  5. The Capture will then begin processing the capture for the given pair.

  6. Once complete you can review the capture file using the Compare>Read Report and choosing the .htm file.

  7. Close the capture session when complete using Compare>Display>Close Capture.