KeyCreator \ Assemblies \ Create-Reference \ Rendering

Part Reference Rendering Options

Location: Assemblies>Create Reference>Rendering

This pane, illustrated below, allows you to select the desired mode for rendering a part reference or to select the degree of transparency (0 to 100) desired. Note that, when creating a part reference, you use Assemblies>Create Reference>Rendering. When editing a part reference, you use Edit>Entities>Rendering.

For descriptions of Rendering Mode, Wire Rendering and Thread Rendering Mode selections, click Rendering Method:and select the desired link there:

  • Rendering Mode: Wireframe, Hidden Lines Removed, Hidden Lines Dashed, Flat Shaded, Gourard Shaded

  • Wire Rendering Mode: Remove Hidden Edges, All Edges, No Edges, Dash Hidden Edges

  • Thread Rendering Mode: No Threads, Simple Threads, Schematic Threads, Detail Threats, Detail Threads without Lines