Remaining Ways To Edit Existing Detail Options
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Remaining Ways To Edit Existing Detail Options

This topic completes the discussion of Using Detail Option, by discussing the additional functions relevant to editing detail options.

Generic Edit

This function is located at Edit>Entites>Edit. You can use it to edit a single detail entity. When you use this function, the generic edit dialog appears with all detail options panes relevant to the entity you are editing. All panes are configured with the options the entity is using.

Detail Change

This function is located at Detail>Settings>Change.


Attributes By

There are several Attributes By functions. These are located at Edit>Entities.



Restyle Detail Lines

This function is located at Detail>Restyle Detail Ents>Lines. This function provides an easier way to update the extension lines, leader lines, and arrowheads of existing dimensions without having to use the whole Detail>Settings>Change function.

The Restyle Detail Lines dialog uses what is known as a "modeless" dialog. This means that while the dialog is open, you can select detail entities in the part window and they will be updated with the options shown in the dialog. The list below identifies the entities that you can update with this dialog:

  • Angular dimensions

  • Arc-length dimensions

  • Baseline dimensions

  • Chamfer dimensions

  • Circular dimensions

  • Linear dimensions

  • Ordinate dimensions

  • Running dimensions

  • Labels

You can fille the options in this dialog with values from the Detail Options dialog. To get the current Detail Options values, use the drop-down list in the Get values from ... detail options field. The list contains applicable detail types from the Detail Options dialog. When you select one, the values from that pane of the Detail Options dialog are used. If a specific detail type is selected (like Linear dimensions, shown above) and local values for the options are not being used, the common values are used. Let us look at some examples.

Example 1. On the Detail Options dialog, the Dimensions common arrowheads, Linear dimensions arrowheads, and Angular dimensions arrowheads are set up as shown below, respectively:

The selections on the Restyle Detail Lines dialog are as follows:

Notice that the arrowheads shown when Linear is selected are the same as when Dimensions are selected. This is because the detail options for Linear dimensions are using the common options. By the same reasoning, the arrowheads shown when Angular is selected are different because the detail options for Angular dimensions are using a local value.

 When the function starts, the dialog will always start with the values from the last Detail Options panes that were used. Changing any of the options on the pane causes the Get values from field to become blank, indicating that what the dialog is showing was not retrieved from the detail options. An example of this behavior follows. Changing any of the options on Restyle Detail Lines dialog has no effect on the Detail Options dialog. To change any of these options for detail creation, the Detail Options function must be run (Detail > Settings > Options).

Example 2. Consider the dimension like the example below.

Using Restyle Detail Lines dialog, you can change the created dimension to use a solid leader instead of a broken leader. To do this, in the dialog clear all options except Leader style. Change the displayed leader style from broken to solid using the leader style drop-down. The dialog appears as shown below.

While the dialog is open, click the dimension just created to changet to a solid leader. (With this type of dialog, you must make the selection while the dialog is open. Exiting the function without selecting results in no change to the dimension.)

After you select the dimension, click Esc on the Conversation Bar, or the X in the upper right corner of the Restyle Detail Lines dialog to exit the function. The dimension now appears as shown below.

The existing dimension has not been updated. No change was made to the Detail Options dialog. So creating another linear dimension below the line will again make a broken leader dimension, as shown below.


Restyle Detail Tolerance

This function is located at Detail>Restyle Detail Ents>Tolerance.