New by Template
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New by Template

Template files are a sub-type of CKD file and use a unique file extension, .CKT (Template). A template is essentially a blank design file that can be customized to contain your specific settings. Geometry cannot be "carried" by a template file, only settings.

Template files are created using the Save or Save As options, accessible through the File Menu, and saving a part to the (*.CKT) file type. Once a template is saved, you will be able to open a new part by a specific template that you specify, using this New by Template function. The new part will contain the specific settings that had been saved to the template you had specified.

When New by Template is selected, you will be able to search for a template file from the menu below, using the Choose Template option, or by selecting a template file from the Recent Templates list.


To browse and select a template use Choose Template dialog.