Editing the Material Physical Properties
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Editing the Material Physical Properties File

MaterialPhysicalProperties.txt is a supplied file that contains the list of materials and their density values. This file is used to populate fields under Material and Density on the Material Physical Properties pane, described in Material Physical Properties. (This is the case for using any of the three commands that allow you to define physical properties: File>Properties>Material Physical Properties, Edit>Entities>Set Material Physical Properties or Edit>Entities>Edit.) This file is placed in the appropriate Language directory when KeyCreator is first installed. For example, for an English installation, the file is placed in the \\Lang\\English subfolder under your installation directory. You should not move this file. The words "Category:", "Name:" and "Density:" should not be localized. However, you may localize the material category and name. It is recommended that you always keep a back up of the installed material file.

The content of this file as supplied is shown below. Note that you can add information to this file as desired by editing it directly or by using the Saving Changes to File button, as explained in Material Physical Properties.

Content of Supplied MaterialPhysicalProperties.txt File:


// All materials should be either added under existing material categories or under new categories.

// Density values must be entered in grams/cm^3


Category: Steel


Name: Alloy Steel

Density: 7.7


Name: Galvanized Steel

Density: 7.87



Category: Iron


Name: Gray Cast Iron

Density: 7.2


Name: Ductile Iron

Density: 7.9



Category: Plastics


Name: PVC Rigid

Density: 1.3


Name: Acrylic

Density: 1.2



Category: Wood


Name: Oak

Density: 0.56


Name: Teak

Density: 0.63