MultiProfile Sweep
KeyCreator \ Create \ Swept-Solid \ MultiProfile-Sweep

MultiProfile Sweep

Location: Create>Swept Solid>Multi-Profile Sweep

Use the Multi-Profile Sweep to create a solid, (use Make Solid) or a surface, using a set of  profiles and a sweep path. The resulting swept profile will either have its profile 'normal' follow parallel to the selected path, (Profile Orientation= Rotate) or have a more rigid translation as the profiles are used to create the solid/surface along the selected path, (Profile Orientation= Translate). You can view sample sweeps in the Swept Solid topic.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Multi-Profile Sweep from the Create>Swept Solid submenu.

  2. The Create Multi-Profile Sweep dialog appears. Configure the dialog settings to fit your design needs and select OK.

  3. Select the profiles to sweep, Accept, and Select the Path Curves, ACCEPT.

Dialog Options:

The following settings are contained in the Multi-Profile Sweep Options dialog

Make Solid:

Check this option when the profiles are closed curves and the result will be a solid body. Unchecked will create a surface.


Rotate- Use this option when the profile 'normal' will need to stay parallel to the path curves.

Translate- Use this option when a more rigid translation of profiles along the path curves is desired.