Status Bar
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Status Bar


The Status bar will appear at the bottom of the workspace when it is displayed. Unlike the other settings displays in the View pull-down, the Status bar cannot be moved or floated. The Status bar contains the name of the function that is currently in use (displayed on the left side of the bar) and a descriptor of the function or Menu bar option if the cursor is currently positioned over one.

The first pane of the status bar displays the name of the current function. If an experiment is in effect, then the colors will be inverted (gray on black instead of black on gray, for example).

An experiment occurs whenever a modification is made to an existing entity that requires interaction from you, and without using a dialog. In this instance, all immediate functions that can be used to modify the database are blocked.

To the right, the active level and display scale are displayed. Next, the cursor tracking coordinates are displayed when the cursor is in the viewport. To the right of the cursor tracking are the Macro Record and Pause indicators. When the Macro functions are engaged these buttons will display REC and PAUSE, respectively. Further to the right are the current settings for Units and the construction modes of World or CPlane and 2D or 3D.

In the example above, the XForm>Delta>Move function is displayed as the current function


The right-side of the status bar, where cursor tracking and other session data is displayed