Skin Loft
KeyCreator \ Create \ Swept-Solid \ Skin-Loft

Skin Loft

Location: Create>Swept Solid>Skin Loft Sweep

Use the Skin Loft Sweep to create a solid, (use Make Solid) or a sheet body, using a set of  profiles and possibly a sweep path. The resulting swept profile will be determined by which dialog options are used. Refer to the dialog options below to gage which settings would be a best fit for the desired sweep result. You can view sample sweeps in the Swept Solid topic

Using the Function:

  1. Select Skin Loft Sweep from the Create Swept Solid submenu.

  2. The Create Skin Loft Sweep dialog appears. Configure the dialog settings to fit your design needs and select OK.

  3. Select the profiles to sweep, Accept, and Select the Path Curves if needed, ACCEPT.

Dialog Options:

The following settings are contained in the Skin Loft Sweep Options dialog

Make Solid:

Checked will produce a solid if the profiles are a closed set of curves. Unchecked will create a sheet body.

Select Guide Curves:

When selected you will be prompted for the path curves that will guide the sweep along the profiles. This option is useful when a nonlinear sweep path is desired.

Skin with a twist using guide curve:

Use Tangent Faces:

Automatic- With Use Tangent Faces selected this  setting will attempt to select the tangent faces, (if there is a clear choice). If no clear choice exists then a dialog will prompt for manual selection or ignore tangent faces:

No Clear Choice for Tangent Faces:

Select- With Use Tangent Faces selected this option allows you to choose which tangent faces will be used manually. Here are two examples using different tangent face selection sets:

Red face sweep to blue rectangle, first using blue faces as tangent faces and far right, using just red face:

Specify Face Tangent Factor- Specify how 'aggressive' the tangency will be. Default= 1.0, the input can be either a positive or negative value:

Select Tangent Edges- Checked on this option will add the ability to select tangent edges to influence the sweep path. Below are two examples of using tangent edges to influence the sweep path:

Red Lines as Takeoff Vectors for Yellow Profile Lines:

Red Face Edge Selected, Face on Right Influences Sweep, (bulge results):

Sort Curves- Checked on by default this function allows KeyCreator to determine the selection order. This will allow for a 'Window' selection or All Display-All approach to selection. If the sort is incorrect simply turn this option off and use a manual selection method.

Close- Checked on this option will continue sweeping from the first profile past the last and closing to the first profile. If the closed profile does not mate in a seamless profile try using the Smoothly option to clean up any pointed corners.