Cover Selection
KeyCreator \ Create \ Advanced-Surfaces \ Cover-Selection

The  Covering function in the Advanced Surfaces menu creates G1 quality n-sided patch surfaces from a set of closed trimmed boundary curves or edges. Options allow tangency conditions to be held at boundaries or not and additional guide curves and point to be used to control the shape. This function is especially useful for quick reconstruction of bad surfaces.

Above > Tangency maintained at 5 edges

Above > Mixed conditions and an additional guide curve

Using the Function

Select Cover Surface from the Create>Advanced Surface submenu. The Cover Selection dialog box appears.

Choose the types of Boundaries (Tangent/Non-tangent) or Guides (Curve/Point) you wish to use to define the area to be covered. Click OK to close the dialog and make the selection.

  1. First you must select a closed circuit of boundaries in any order. (the curves or edges must meet end to end.)

  2. Second you can optionally select in any order guide curves or points

  3. Accept or Press Enter on your keyboard to reload the dialog once you are finished.

  4. When you are completely finished defining the cover area, select the Done button. The Cover Options dialog will load.