Hole Table Legend Format Pane
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Note \ Hole-Table \ Hole-Table-Legend-Format-Pane

Hole Table Legend Format Pane

The pane shown below appears when you click Detail>Notes>Hole Table, and then click Legend Format.

Dialog Options

Display legend table

Select to display the legend table in addition to the hole table on the viewport.

Column display and minimum widths

In the available fields, type the minimum character widths (any positive number), as desired. Determines the columns that appear in the table and their minimum widths (in character height). A column that has no button always appears in the table. But you can select whether or not to have a column that has a button to appear in the table.

Column spacing and Row spacing

See "Spacing" in the figure below.

For Column spacing: Type the number of character spaces (any positive number) you want to be the width between the right-most edge of characters in one column to the left-most edge of characters in the column to the right.

For Row spacing: Same as Column spacing, except for rows.