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The actions you perform on a model using the vast function set in KeyCreator are stored for the duration of the program session. Using this history, it is possible to undo/redo your modeling operations. Unlimited undo functionality is available for all modeling functions independent of current function status.

Each state in the Undo/Redo history is named by the function that noted it, using the tooltip text for that function.

NOTE: Rendering with the Facet only when necessary option enabled in the Solids tab of the Tools>Options>Solids dialog may affect certain Undo/Redo states.

Undo/Redo Management:

Undo/Redo states can be managed through a window that is displayed when Undo/Redo Management is selected from the View>Control Bars submenu. This window displays an ordered list of all the states for the active part, including the state name and the name of the layout that was active when the state was noted. The most recent state always appears at the top of the list. The current state will appear in bold.


The following button options are available from the Undo/Redo Management window:


Select a state and press this button to roll to a specific state. To disable this option, select the current state.


Select a state and press this button to delete all states up to and including the selected state from the undo/redo history. To disable this option, select the current state.

Set Limit

Select this button option to set a value that will be used to restrict the undo history. The history will be restricted to that value. This value applies only to the current part, and only for as long as the part is open.

When a new state is noted, states will be trimmed from the beginning of the list to maintain the state limit determined by the set value. When the restriction value is changed, states are trimmed from the list from the beginning up to the current state.

By default, there is no history restriction for this option. A value must be set in order for a restriction to be applied.


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