Dynamic Primitive Cone
KeyCreator \ Create \ Primitive-Solid \ Primitive-Dynamic \ Dynamic-Primitive-Cone

In this example a primitive cone will be created using Primitive Dynamic. The Cplane is set to 1 and the display view is set to 7.

  • Choose Create>Primitive Solid>Dynamic and in the Dynamic Primitive Type Options select Cone/Cylinder.

  • Click on the Options tab and then on the Show more options for primitive type and enter values as shown below. Cursor place the cone in display.

  • Note the 3 sets of dynahandles. The top dynahandle will control both the height and radius/angle of the upper edge. The single dynahandle below will control the major radius while the dynahandle  with 6 handles + origin will control the position and orientation. Single left click + hold on a handle and drag it to modify as needed or right click on a handle to get additional options.

  • Right click on the major/Upper dynahandle origin and use Syn Radius to effect both when moving either radius (unchecked they will move independent of each other.)

  • You can enter values in the dialog to modify the pyramid as well as using the dynahandles.