Dynamic Primitive Sphere
KeyCreator \ Create \ Primitive-Solid \ Primitive-Dynamic \ Dynamic-Primitive-Sphere

In this example we will create a sphere perched on the end of a pyramid shape and then attempt to move the sphere to an adjacent pyramid. The Cplane should be set to 1 and place 2 pyramids in display view 7.

  • Create>Primitive Solid>Dynamic and choose the Sphere option,  Use the Base-Center, Axis cplane Z axis and radius of 1.

  • Cursor selecting the top edge of the pyramid to the left will place the sphere centered on that edge. We want it to be placed so the bottom edge of the sphere just touches this top edge so will need to select the position Z dynahandle (blue up arrow), right click and choose offset of 1.0. The sphere should be at the exact top edge of pyramid.

  • Now lets move the sphere to the pyramid to right (see below.)  Left click on the origin dynahandle (the center yellow ball) , hold and drag to the tip of the adjacent pyramid. You will need to repeat the right click offset to get the sphere to rest just on the pyramids top edge.

  • Note the size dynahandle extends off of the x axis dynahandle (the red arrow to the right) which can be left clicked and moved to re size the sphere.