Immediate Mode Commands
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Immediate Mode Commands

Immediate Mode Ccommands allow you to access quickly several of the functions that are used most. Some of the program functions are Immediate Mode Commands. These do not interrupt your current command. When the command completes, you are returned to the previous prompt. Other commands cause the current command to exit.

There are two ways to tell that you are in an Immediate Mode Command:

  • After you begin a command, such as Create>Line>Endpoints, the second-from-the-left field of the KeyCreator Status bar displays that command's tooltip (Line Endpoints), like that shown below.

Then, when you enter an Immediate Mode Command, such as Edit>Delete>Single, the tooltip (Delete Single) is displayed in reverse (the text and background colors are swapped), like that shown below.

  • When you exit an Immediate Mode Command, finishing it or by pressing Esc on the Conversation Bar, the previous command still is active.

NOTE: Some Immediate Mode commands will perform differently depending on whether model or layout mode is the active mode. Immediate Mode Commands can be accessed from the Menu Bar, the Application Menus, or by using Accelerator Keys (the keystroke for which will vary depending on what accelerator keyboard file you have loaded).